Call for Papers

DSAA invites academics, HDRs and practitioners to submit abstracts or descriptions of ideas for consideration for a paper, panel, workshop or discussion round table. Please frame your submission to the following guidelines:

  • Papers — Standard (15-20 minute) academic presentation based on planned, ongoing or completed research.
  • Panels — Three standard academic papers of 15-20 minutes presentation time each, with 30 minutes for audience questions and general discussion. Presentations may provide different perspectives on the same general topic, region, state/country, theme or subject of investigation. If you wish to include four or more papers you will still only have 90 minutes, so each paper must be shorter. You must also nominate a Chair, who will be responsible for ensuring that all speakers received equal time and that there is 30 minutes for questions.
  • Practice workshops — A practice workshop is intended to apply practitioner knowledge to a specific theme or practice in development. Please frame your proposed practice workshop in a way that is accessible for a diverse audience.
  • Discussion round table/Symposium — These sessions will involve the thematic exploration of a specific issue or question. They may involve up to five or six speakers in discussion or debate providing short statements on an issue before questions and general discussion. These sessions must involve opportunities for audience engagement.

The conference theme Un/Doing Development aims to contribute to debates such as, but not limited to:

  • Rethinking economic development in the global economy, especially assumptions of economic growth for all.
  • Indigenous perspectives and contributions to debates on development
  • Gender and development
  • Disability and development
  • Contradictions between theory and practice in development
  • Alternatives to development
  • Sustainable development in the global South and the global North
  • Climate change and development
  • Sustainable development and technology transfer
  • The UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Peace and development
  • Conflict and development
  • The humanitarian/development nexus
  • Community development
  • Overseas Development Aid agendas

Please submit abstracts via the google form by April 15th 2022

(Due date extended from April 1st to April 15th)