The DSAA is pleased to share with its members and other interested parties this list of development studies journals.

The primary purpose of the list is to provide a reference point for scholars to identify journals of significance to the field of development studies.

The list is an ongoing work in progress and is currently not ranked. In the future, DSAA seeks to provide multiple rankings of the listed journals, based on traditional impact factors and on other metrics that are better representative of the normative values of our field – such as inclusivity, equity and diversity of representation. This is a complex and work-intensive undertaking that raises challenging ethical questions.

This list was compiled for the DSAA by Dr Charles Hawksley (University of Wollongong). A lot of voluntary work went into creating the list, and DSAA would like to publicly thank Dr Hawksley for this undertaking.


The list has been compiled for the DSAA to respond to the adoption of the Australian Research Council (ARC) Excellence in Research Australian (ERA) Field of Research (FoR) code: 4404 Development Studies

This list does not attempt to rank the listed journals.

This list is intended for

(1)   distribution to DSAA Committee members and to any in the DSAA who can assist their institutions in responding to ERA consultation on their list of journals for Field of Research Code 4404.

(2)   General purposes of the DSAA in shaping what the organisation feels are the appropriate journals for the discipline.


As ranking is not attempted, the DSAA journal ranking list:

(1)   Commenced by searching for keywords for each 6-digit 4404 code (ie 440401, 440402 etc) in Scimago Journal and country rank website within social sciences journals ( example, 440401 ‘Development cooperation’ a search was conducted for ‘Development Cooperation’ ( 2 results) and for ‘International Development’ (352 results) within Social Sciences journals.

(2)   Results were then assessed for relevance by the expert consultant (Dr Charles Hawksley) to arrive at 24 journals for code 440401.

(3)   Similar steps were conducted for all 4404 codes.

(4)   The list produced was reviewed by DSAA Executive Committee, who suggested additional journals.

(5)   All journals were combined and duplicates removed.

(6)   Final list has 347 journals.

(7)   ARC list had 156 journals (only around 54 of which appeared on the DSAA initial journal list).

(8)   Combined list would result in 460 journals.

Lists were compiled by Dr Charles Hawksley (University of Wollongong) based on searched keywords from ERA 6 digit FoR codes in Development Studies (4404).

Additional journals have been provided by DSAA committee members.

Thanks to Prof Mark McGillivray and A.Prof Nichole Georgeou who worked on the first iteration of a journal list for DSAA.

Thanks to A.Prof Anthony Ware for coordination with DSAA Committee.

 For any questions on methodology contact:

Journal List (in alphabetical order):

Advances in Industrial and Labor Relations
African Development Review
African Evaluation Journal
African Urban Quarterly
Agriculture and Human Values
American Journal of Economics and Sociology
American Journal of Evaluation
Applied Econometrics and International Development
Articulo – Journal of Urban Research
Arts and Health
Asia & the Pacific Policy Studies
Asia Pacific Development Journal
Asia Pacific Viewpoint
Asian and Pacific Migration Journal
Asian Development Review
Asian Economies
Asian Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development
Asian Journal of Peacebuilding
Asia-Pacific Journal of Rural Development
Australasian Journal of Disaster and Trauma Studies
Australian Journal of Community Work
Australian Journal of Emergency Management
Australian Journal of Rural Health
Australian Journal of Social Issues
British Journal of Community Justice
Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies
Canadian Journal of Development Studies
Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation
Canadian Journal of Sociology
Capitalism, Nature, Socialism
City and Community
Climate and Development
Community Development
Community Development Journal
Community Mental Health Journal
Community, Environment and Disaster Risk Management
Community, Work and Family
Comparative Migration Studies
Cconflict and Society
Conflict Management and Peace Science
Conflict Resolution Quarterly
Conflict, Security and Development
Contemporary Chinese Political Economy and Strategic Relations
Contributions to Political Economy
Cooperation and Conflict
Crime, Law and Social Change
Critical Asian Studies
Cuadernos de Desarrollo Rural
Cuadernos de Economia: Latin American journal of economics
Development and Change
Development in Practice
Development Policy Review
Development Studies Research
Disaster Prevention and Management
Economic & Political Weekly
Economic and Labour Relations Review
Economic Development and Cultural Change
Economic Development Quarterly
Economics and Sociology
Educational Research for Social Change
E-Journal of International and Comparative Labour Studies
Energy for Sustainable Development
Environment and Development Economics
Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space
Environment and Planning D: Society and Space
Environment and Urbanization
Environment, Development and Sustainability
Environmental and Socio-Economic Studies
Etudes Rurales
European Journal of Development Research
European Journal of East Asian Studies
European Journal of Migration and Law
European Journal of Political Economy
European Journal of Women’s Studies
European Review of Latin American and Caribbean Studies
European Urban and Regional Studies
Evaluation and Program Planning
Evaluation Journal of Australasia
Evaluation Review
Extractive Industries and Society
Family and Community Health
Feminist Economics
Feminist Review
Finance and Development
Forum for Development Studies
Gender and Development
Gender and Society
Gender, Place and Culture
Gender, Technology and Development
Global Change, Peace and Security
Global Community Yearbook of International Law and Jurisprudence
Global Environmental Change
Global Society
Handbook of Development Economics
Handbook of Regional and Urban Economics
Health and Place
Health and Social Care in the Community
Histoire et Societes Rurales
History and Sociology of South Asia
History of Political Economy
Indian Journal of Gender Studies
Institute of Development Studies Bulletin
International Development Planning Review
International Feminist Journal of Politics
International Humanitarian Law Series
International Journal of Arts Management
International Journal of Civic, Political, and Community Studies
International Journal of Community Diversity
International Journal of Community Music
International Journal of Community Wellbeing
International Journal of Comparative Labour Law and Industrial Relations
International Journal of Comparative Sociology
International Journal of Development and Conflict
International Journal of Development Issues
International Journal of Ecology and Development
International Journal of Emergency Management
International Journal of Environment and Sustainable Development
International Journal of Gender and Entrepreneurship
International Journal of Happiness and Development
International Journal of Innovation and Sustainable Development
International Journal of Intercultural Relations
International Journal of Mass Emergencies and Disasters
International Journal of Men’s Social and Community Health
International Journal of Migration, Health and Social Care
International Journal of Political Economy
International Journal of Renewable Energy Development
International Journal of Rural Management
International Journal of Social Ecology and Sustainable Development
International Journal of Sociology of the Family
International Journal of Sustainable Development
International Journal of Sustainable Development and Planning
International Journal of Sustainable Development and World Ecology
International Journal of Technology and Development Studies
International Journal of Training and Development
International Journal of Transport Development and Integration
International Journal of Urban and Regional Research
International Journal of Urban Sustainable Development
International Journal of Water Resources and Development
International Journal of Wellbeing
International Labor and Working-Class History
International Labour Review
International Law and Development
International Migration
International Migration Review
International Organization
International Peacekeeping
International Political Sociology
International Relations
International Review of the Red Cross
International Sociology
Irish Journal of Sociology
IZA Journal of Development and Migration
IZA Journal of Labor and Development
IZA Journal of Migration
Journal Comparative Asian Development
Journal for International Business and Entrepreneurship Development
Journal of African Development
Journal of African Economies
Journal of Agriculture and Environment for International Development
Journal of Agriculture and Rural Development in the Tropics and Subtropics
Journal of Asian Sociology
Journal of Australian Political Economy
Journal of Children and Poverty
Journal of Community Health
Journal of Community Practice
Journal of Conflict Resolution
Journal of Contemporary African Studies
Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs
Journal of Developing Societies
Journal of Development Economics
Journal of Development Effectiveness
Journal of Development Studies
Journal of East Asian Studies
Journal of Ecology and Rural Environment
Journal of Economic Cooperation and Development
Journal of Economic Development
Journal of Emergency Management
Journal of Environment and Development
Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies
Journal of GLBT Family Studies
Journal of Historical Sociology
Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management
Journal of Human Development and Capabilities
Journal of Humanitarian Affairs
Journal of Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Journal of International Development
Journal of International Humanitarian Legal Studies
Journal of International Migration and Integration
Journal of International Relations and Development
Journal of International Trade and Economic Development
Journal of International Women’s Studies
Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding
Journal of Labor Economics
Journal of Latin American Geography
Journal of Latin American Studies
Journal of Middle East Women’s Studies
Journal of Migration History
Journal of Multidisciplinary Evaluation
Journal of Organisational Transformation & Social Change
Journal of Peace Education
Journal of Peace Research
Journal of Peacebuilding and Development
Journal of Peasant Studies
Journal of Political Economy
Journal of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing
Journal of Poverty
Journal of Poverty and Social Justice
Journal of Refugee Studies
Journal of Rural Co-operation
Journal of Rural Development
Journal of Rural Health 440406
Journal of Rural Studies
Journal of Social Inclusion
Journal of Sociology
Journal of Sociology and Social Anthropology
Journal of South Asian Development
Journal of Southeast Asian Economies
Journal of Sports Management
Journal of Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems
Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy
Journal of Third World Studies
Journal of Urban Affairs
Journal of Urban Culture Research
Journal of Urban Ecology
Journal of Urban Economics
Journal of Urban Health
Journal of Urban History
Journal of World-System Research
Labor Studies Journal
Labor: Studies in Working-Class History
Labour Economics
Labour History
Latin American Economic Review
Latin American Journal of Development
Latin American Perspectives
Latin American Politics and Society
Latin American Research Review
Man, Building and Urban Planning
Masculinities and Social Change
Men and Masculinities
Migration Studies
Migration World
New Community
New Directions for Evaluation
New Labor Forum
New Political Economy
New Zealand Sociology
Ocean Development and International Law
OECD observer. Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, The
Oxford Development Studies
Pakistan Development Review
Peace and Change
Peace and Conflict
Peace and Conflict Studies Journal
Peace Review
Perspectives on Labour and Income
Plos One
Plos One: Sustainability and Transformation
Population and Development Review
Portal: Journal of Multidisciplinary International Relations
Postcolonial Studies
Poverty & Public Policy
Progress in Development Studies
Progress in Human Geography
Public Administration and Development
Refugee Survey Quarterly
Regional and Sectoral Economic Studies
Research for Rural Development
Research in Drama Education
Research in Labor Economics
Research in Political Economy
Research in Rural Sociology and Development
Research in Social Movements, Conflicts and Change
Research in Urban Sociology
Review of African Political Economy
Review of Black Political Economy
Review of Development Economics
Review of International Organizations
Review of International Political Economy
Review of Intervention and Statebuilding
Review of Political Economy
Review of Urban and Regional Development Studies
Revista de Economia e Sociologia Rural
Revista de Economia Politica/Brazilian Journal of Political Economy
Revue europeenne des migrations internationales
Rural and Remote Health
Rural China
Rural History: Economy, Society, Culture
Rural Landscapes
Rural Society
Rural Sociology
Rural Theology
Scottish Journal of Political Economy
Security Dialogue
Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography
Social Change
Socio-Economic Planning Sciences
Socio-Economic Review
Sociologia Ruralis
Sociologia Urbana e Rurale
Sociology of Crime, Law, and Deviance
Sociology of Development
South African Journal of Sociology, The
South African Review of Sociology
Studies in Comparative International Development
Studies in Political Economy
Sustainable Development
Territory, Politics, Governance
The Humanitarian Leader
Third World Quarterly
Urban Anthropology and Studies of Cultural Systems and World Economic Development
Urban Geography
Urban Habitats
Urban History Review/Revue d’Histoire Urbaine
Urban Planning
Urban Policy and Research
Urban Review, The
Urban Studies
Urban Water Journal
Violence and Gender
Voluntas: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations
Water Resources and Rural Development
Women’s studies international forum
Work Organisation, Labour and Globalisation
World Bank Disaster Risk Management Series
World Bank Economic Review
World Development
World Development Perspectives
World Review of Political Economy
Yearbook of International Humanitarian Law