Current committee members

The current committee elected on 13 November 2020 are:

Associate Professor Tahmina Rashid (President)
Associate Professor Global Studies
University of Canberra
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Associate Professor  Bina Fernandez (Vice-President)
Associate Professor in Development Studies
School of Social and Political Sciences, University of Melbourne
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Associate Professor Anthony Ware (Secretary)
Associate Professor of International and Community Development
Faculty of Arts and Education, Deakin University
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Dr Joyce Wu (Treasurer)
Research Fellow
Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University
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Dr Philippa Smales (Industry Member)
Research for Development Impact Network (RDI Network)
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Lauren Tynan (Student Representative)
Department of Geography and Planning
Faculty of Arts, Macquarie University
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Dr. Ana Carballo (Ordinary Member)
Research Fellow, School of Geography
University of Melbourne
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Dr. Charles Mphande (Ordinary Member)
Senior Lecturer, International & Community Development
Victoria University
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Dr Kearrin Sims (Ordinary Member)
Lecturer, Development Studies
College of Science & Engineering, James Cook University
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Dr Rochelle Spencer (Ordinary Member)
Senior Lecturer
Murdoch University
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Previous Committee Members:

Tanya Jakimow (President)
Future Fellow
Australian Research Council
Vicki Ware (Ordinary Member)
Deakin University
Nichole Georgeou (Ordinary Member)
Associate Dean
Western Sydney University

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